Our expertise is basically associated with high class formulation developmentconcerning a wide array of personal care products that include toilet soaps for kids, antiseptics and moisturizers. Other products that are based on our formulation development expertise include liquid hand washes and talcum powder. Skin and bodycare creams, anti-acne, fairness, anti-wrinkle lotions are other products that we meticulously formulate and develop together with hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.

Our formulation development expertise also covers home care products such as liquid blue, insecticides in the form of coils, vaporizers and mats and aerosol. Our exclusive formulation development expertise also covers hard surface cleaners for floors, toilets, glass as well as cleaners suitable for multiple surfaces. Polishes such for shoes, floors and hard surfaces also fall under the purview of our formulation development expertise.
Personal Care Products

Toilet Soaps-Kids, Antiseptic, Moisturizing
Liquid Hand washes
Talcum Powder
Skin and Body Care-Creams, Lotions-Anti Acne, Fairness, Anti Wrinkle
Hair care-Shampoos, Conditioners

Home Care Products

Liquid Blue
Insecticides-Coils, Vaporizers, Mats,Aerosols
Hard Surface Cleaners-Floor, Toilet,Glass,Multi surface
Air Fresheners-Aerosols,Blocks, Gels
Polishes-Shoe, Floor and Hard Surface

Maintenance of Quality Systems at Manufacturing Facility

Developing SOPs and Implementation Logistics
Warehouses /Stores

Maintenance of Systems

We also offer our expertise on packaging development which is effective as well as tailor made for customer requirements. Our packaging development comprises three vital components namely primary packaging meant exclusively for jars, laminates, bottles, tins, jars, secondary packaging and support for label graphics development.
Primary Packaging
Jars, Bottles, Laminates, Tubes, Tin Containers etc.

Secondary Packaging
Support for Label Graphics Development

Our services are cost effective as they involve quality sources which is intrinsic to our business endeavour. Our quality sourcing which is a hallmark of our entrepreneurial skill includes the following :
Cost Effective From a Quality Source
Third Party Manufacturing-Sourcing of Finished Products/Identification/Selection of Manufacturer

RM/PM Sourcing-Selection of Vendors

Setting Up of Quality Systems and Monitoring Systems at Manufacturing as well as in The Market

Support for Regulatory-Drugs and Cosmetics, Insecticides, Weight and Measures.